Florian Krueger

New Ideas for old Problems

In 2.0, Common Sense, Management on September 18, 2009 at 2:00 pm

As time goes by…

Companies and moreover people wait to see what is happening. Well nothing will happen when everyone waits. We have to shape our own future and our future will be what we envision. Therefore we need to understand the tasks and challenges which are evolving and more importantly take immediate action.

According to Analysts, markets are shifting, or floating. There are global markets, dealing with specific ideas, requirements, or opportunities, which are not bound to any limitations as they once were. E-Lancing is harnessing the power of Outsourcing and combines it with the Power of Crowdsourcing. Clickworking – as a modern form of Slavery – currently is the last chance for many unemployed people to earn any money at all.

Professionals which are not adapting at the speed of light will be left behind. Creating an own brand through Blogging and Microblogging and the constant usage of all existing tools, such as Social Media and Professional Networks are the prerequisites to the creation of any noteworthy opportunity to develop oneself or any brand for that matter. What used to be Alumni networks, is becoming interest groups, so highly individualized that only a handful of people might be in the same one at one time. More interesting are the overlaps between different interest groups and synergies resulting out of these. People with a bigger, or multiple presence can be found easier and get more credibility when promoting services, or themselves.

On top of all that market conditions, as they are associated with these global ‘Floating Markets’ are moving east. Europe becomes more and more like the US, the US more and more like Asia and Asia becomes what Europe once was. This is driven by basic survival instincts and supported by information now readily available all over the globe. Why should an Indian outsourcer with the same qualifications earn less than his Siberian counterpart? Why should a Malaysian programmer earn less than his Chinese colleague? As costs of living will equalize the last excuse will be removed and things will level out to an extend where geography will matter less and less.

As a European myself, I see our only chance to develop a sustainable business model in Innovation. Innovation is a valuable good which we can only afford when we have to things: time and high quality education – and this requires some level of commitment, if not dedication. Dedication needs to come from the Governments, but also from our students. They need to understand that their only chance to maintain their standard of living will be to work harder and learn more than their global competitors.

Long story short, as time goes by, we need to lay the foundation for our future wellbeing now. We need to act on what we feel is necessary and dare to take risks, despite the economic challenges. If we hunker down and try to wait it out, the only thing that will happen is that we will lose our slight advantage on innovational capacity and while we do act on this understanding we will need to make it clear to everyone that this is the one chance we’ve got.


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